The Most Popular Adult Sex Gaming Platforms

Video games are an escape from the real world, and enthusiast gamers can play for hours. With the rise in gaming culture, it is no surprise that sex games do exist.

Sex games are a relatively new genre in the market. Still, it is slowly rising in popularity. For those who love video games and watching porn, developers have combined the two and created this masterpiece.

While you might be excited about the new genre in the industry, you might not know where to find them exactly. Therefore, we have compiled a list of the most popular adult-oriented sex gaming platforms you can try yourself today.


SelectYourGame has plenty of sex games that are all java web-based applications. These games are quite simple to use. After entering the main page, you will see various types of sex games you could choose from. It includes games on lesbians, stripping, and even poker. All these games are definitely worth the try, and you will really enjoy playing these amazing games.

In the case that you do not want to play the games recommended on the main page, you can always choose otherwise. Simply filter the search and browse through the categories.

There will be options for new as well as popular games on the screen. This will help you filter your search and find the one you are looking for. You can play games for free and not worry about malicious viruses.


OnlyHGames is one of the more favorable websites that offer plenty of information on adult sex games. Not a porn site, actually, but it is exclusively about hentai sex games.

You can access OnlyHGames for free. This site offers some incredible options, and you can narrow down the search by filtering the language, game genres, and many more. The website also includes many western-style animated games, which are not all hentai.

OnlyHGames provides reviews on all technical information, including the company, animation, game file size, voiceover as well as passwords. With these passwords, you can try a lot of games the site has to offer without any charge. Visit OnlyHGames and check out the suggestions it has for you.

Adult Gaming Room

Sex games are found in abundance, so it is no wonder there exist many websites like Adult Gaming Room. This site is a great choice to look into if you like playing adult porn games but cannot keep up with all of them.

Adult Gaming Room offers all types of sex games which you can play on the website itself. Visit the page and search through the categories to find the type of genre you are looking for. The game genres include adventure, lesbian, interactive, 3D animation, action, toon, puzzle, and many more.

In addition, Adult Gaming Room also helps you search for games studio-wise. You can easily find games of your preferred sex games company. Overall, you do not need to register to the site and simply play without any inconvenience. Also, there are no ads or pop-ups on this website.

Free Adult Game

Unlike some websites, Free Adult Game requires you to sign up in order to have access to it. Once registered, you can experience high-quality 3D porn games that you can get for free. If you are a fan of adult sex games, you must know Call of Booty, Gotham Sluts, Grand Fuck Auto, and so on. You will find all these high-quality sex games on this website. So why not give it a try?

Free Adult Game requires you to spend some money; however, the registration costs nothing. They also have a collection of DVDs that you will certainly enjoy watching. Let’s not forget all the hentai sex games the site has to offer.


PornGamesHub is a site that offers steamy and erotic sex games for adults. It has different kinds of games that you can try on the site itself. There is no need to sign up, and you do not have to pay any money for subscribing either. Visit the site, choose the preferred game you want, and start playing. Simple as that!

Currently, PornGamesHub has about 899 free sex games with different genres. There are various categories you can choose from, including Lesbian, Footjob, Anal, Big Tits, BDSM, Adventure, and much more. You can even try forbidden family or incest sex, hardcore, and even threesome games on this website.

In general, PornGamesHub is user-friendly, and you can easily navigate through the page.

My Eroge

My Eroge is an anime hentai porn website. Here, you can read as well as download graphic novels. It also features hentai sex games for adults.

This site has lewd visual novels with more than 500 pages that you can give a try. Each novel provides a short description, screenshot, and highlights the crucial features. Not only that, but it also comes with various download links. Find a novel that you would love to read and tap on ‘read more.’ Furthermore, My Eroge updates a minimum of two novels per week. It is similar for 3D hentai porn games.

Here, you will find various links that will direct you to the FAO section, hentai games as well as hentai porn games. Some are linked to external sources too.

There will be a search bar on the right side of the website that you can use to find specific novels or games.

What’s more, its background is dark-themed so you can enjoy your adventures even at night. With the availability of tons of options, you can experience different types of hentai content.